Hey you,

How incredibly exciting that we have your photoshoot scheduled together. With this handy guide, we will ensure that you are fully prepared for your photoshoot.



For an enchanting effect in your photos, I suggest dressing yourself in beautiful natural tones. Think of lush white, calming beige, soft cream, warm ecru, seductive nude, and earthy tones like brown and rust. Natural textures also add a lot, such as the playful character of linen or an airy, flowing dress that elegantly moves as you pose for the camera. The secret to an enchanting photoshoot lies in the harmony of colors.

Where to shop?

I love photographing you in various outfits. This creates a wide range of images, resulting in a versatile and beautiful photoshoot. Therefore, always make sure to have an extra outfit ready.

Beautiful baby clothes can be found, for example, at Ziloen, H&M exclusive, Moonbeam collective, and at Zara.

Client Closet

I don't have a very extensive client closet of dresses yet, but I do have four very beautiful ones now! And you can borrow them for your photoshoot. All dresses are one size fits all and can be worn for both maternity and non-maternity shoots.





When opting for an outdoor photoshoot, we usually choose the morning hours or during the golden hour (sunset). I prefer beautiful, nature-rich locations. In the Haarlem / Zandvoort / IJmuiden / Amsterdam region, I know the most beautiful spots, but I'm happy to come to your location so that we can explore beautiful places together that may hold significance for you.

For newborn photoshoots, I always come to your home.


The most atmospheric moments for photography are when the sun is low on the horizon, which is why I often choose mornings or evenings. This provides the most beautiful and soft light, which you often see in my photos.

It may be surprising, but cloudy skies make for beautiful photos. So if it's cloudy on the day of your session, that's actually fantastic! In case of rain, we either move indoors or collectively reschedule the photoshoot for another time. We'll decide this together the day before the session.

Newborn shoot Haarlem

Newborn fotoshoot Haarlem

Newborn fotoshoot Zandvoort

Newborn fotoshoot Amsterdam

Zwangerschapsshoot Haarlem

Zwangerschap fotoshoot Haarlem

Zwangerschap fotoshoot Zandvoort

Zwangerschap Amsterdam

Familie fotograaf Haarlem

Familie fotoshoot Haarlem

Familie fotoshoot Zandvoort

Familie fotoshoot Amsterdam